Friday, 15 June 2012

Request for Director’s Details

The Institute was notified by several of its members that businesses have been requested by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) to provide information on directors of the company.

Details provided by the members include:

- One of the forms to be completed is entitled “Table of Information on Assets of Company Director/Business Owner /Partnership Owner” [“Jadual Maklumat Aset Pengarah Syarikat / Pemilik Perniagaan /Pemilik Perkongsian”] ;
- Other details required, in an attachment to the letter from IRB, include the details of the director’s family, namely, the names and identity card numbers of the spouse and dependents;
- The IRB letter may contain a list of the details that the taxpayer is required to provide.

In connection with the above, CTIM would like to request members to provide feedback, if any, on the matter, and would also like to be informed on IRB’s reasons (if members are aware) for such requests being made. Please provide additional information on details such as

- Date and mode of request;
- IRB Branch;
- The context in which the request was made.

Members’ feedback will enable the Institute to pursue the matter with IRB, if necessary.

Members may respond by email to or or fax to Technical Department, CTIM at 03-21628990, by 2 July 2012.

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