Friday, 27 July 2012

Procedure and IRB Contact Details in connection with Set-Off and Refund Cases

Please be informed of the following procedure / matters which were reached at the DESIRE Meeting No. 1/2012 held on 3 July 2012 at the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Headquarters:

i) Members may forward their requests for refund of overpayment, and requests for confirmation of set-off with regard to overpayment, as follows:

a. To the counters of the respective IRB Branch offices.

b. Via email to (the IRB Collections Branch, Kuala Lumpur) Encik Shahril at or to Encik Ismail Saban at in respect of “Kuala Lumpur Branch” taxpayers, in connection with both company and non-company cases.

c. Via email to the Public Relations Officers (PROs) of the respective IRB Branch offices, in respect of “non-Kuala Lumpur Branch” cases.

d. Via facsimile to the respective IRB Branch offices.

ii) In their communication via email / letter with the IRB on the matter above, members are to use an appropriate “title /subject” in their letters /emails, such as:

a. “Application for Refund”; or

b. “Application for Set-off”; or

c. “Request for Confirmation of Set-off”.

iii) Members will get a confirmation / response to their request / application within 7 days, except in instances of cases which are not straightforward, in which case longer processing time would be required.

iv) It is unnecessary for members to send reminders.

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